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Introduction of products-CO2 heating ammeter

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Heating type-CO2 guages-Fittings of pipe flowmeter, part of the products

Product designation: B582
Name: FU-heating type guage (round pipe)
Specs: Power: 110V-220V(A)
Applicable gas: CO2-N2O

Product designation: B582-B
Name: Intake nut (W22-14RH)

Product designation: B582-C
Name: Intake nut(W13-19 thread)

Product designation: B582-D
Name: PU-0 ring, gasket(DD)

Product designation: B582-E
Name: Outer pipe-round+O ring; outer pipe-square-A

Product designation: B582-F
Name: Used for inner pipe, square inner pipe(A)

Product designation: B582-G
Name: Flowmeter

Product designation: B582-H
Name: Seadis electric heating bar

Product designation: B582-I
Name: Temperature controller

Product designation: B582-J
Name: Outlet nut
Specs: Japan standard-American standard A

Product designation: B582-K
Name:  Outlet Ferrule (2.25'')

Product designation: B582-L
Name: Japan 316 gavalized steel ball

Product designation: B582-M
Name: Electric heating tube base

Product designation: B582-N
Name: Main part of CO2guage

Product designation: B582-O
Name: Base cap

Product designation: B582-P
Name: Square flowmeter
Specs: 13X19 thread (inlet thread)

Product designation: B582-Q
Name: Bolt(W13X19 thread, 2''NPT)

Product designation: B582-R
Name: Power line for CO2

Product designation: B582-Z
Name: Serial No. of ordered products

Product designation: B583
Name: FU-heating type CO2 guage (square pipe)
Specs: Power: 110V-220V(A)
Applicable gas: CO2-N2O

Product designation: B585
Name: CO2 regulator, outlet +flow control valve
Specs: Used for moulding-casting, 110V-220V(A); First pressure: 0~7kg; Second pressure: 0~25kg(B)

Product designation: B586
Name: Pre-set heating type CO2 guage
Specs: Power: 110V-220V(A)

Product designation: B586-A
Name: Carbonic acid regulator (double-dail type)
Specs: First pressure: 0~250kg; Second pressure: 0~7kg

FU-Pipe warmer-Pipe flowmeter, square pipe-round pipe

Product designation: B587
Name: Warmer (for cylinder use)

Product designation: B588
Name: Warmer (for pipe use)

Function comparison of the above products


B587 warmer

B588 warmer

Applicable gas


Inlet pressure



AC-110V or AC-230V 50/60Hz

Inlet specs

W22-14RH female W22-14RH male

Outlet specs

W22-14RH male W22-14RH female




Function illustration1  Function illustration 2

Flowmeters (round pipe-square pipe)

Product designation:B589

Product designation:B590
Name: O2 flowmeter

Product designation:B591
Name: CO2 flowmeter

Product designation:B592
Name: N2 flowmeter

Product designation:B593
Name: H2 flowmeter

Product designation:B595
Name: Various types can be selected and pre-fabricated

Pipe flowmeters (square pipe-round pipe)

Product designation: B596
Name: 90° pipe flowmeter
Specs: Adaptor: W22-14RH; Outlet: 2.25'' Ferrule, Adaptors can be fitted with OD head (A), outlets can be M16-1.5 male (B)

Product designation: B597
Name: 180° pipe flowmeter
Specs: Adaptor: W22-14RH; Outlet can be 1/4 Ferrule, 5/16 Ferrule(A),Outlets can be fitted with M16-1.5 male(B), can also be fitted with OD head (C)

Product designation: B598
Name: Flowmeter with square pipe

Product designation: B599
Name: Flowmeter (90°)
Specs: American standard, 9/16 x 18UNF

Product designation: B600
Name: Flowmeter (180°)
Specs: American standard outlet, 9/16 x 18UNF

Product designation: B600-A
Name: 1/min
flowmeter for pipes

Product designation: B601
Name: 13 x 19 thread srew

The above flowmeters can select the following fittings:
          .OD head    .Ferrule
          .1/4FR        .3/16 Ferrule
          .M16-1.5RH     .9/16 x 18UNF

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