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Introduction of products-Rubber tubes (double color tubes)


Japan (Tokyo, Tohoku) rubber tubes-Gavanlized steel sire teflon pipes-Liqiud galvanized coil pipe Ferrule-Pipe connect

Product designation: C668
Name: Japan Tokyo Kabuskiki Kaisha double color tube (3/16)(1/4-A)

Product designation: C669
Name: Japan BS high-pressure rubber tube
Specs: 5/16、3/8(A)、1/2(B)、3/4(C)

Product designation: C670
Name: Made in Taiwan high-pressure tube
Specs:2''-2 1/2''-3''-4''-5''-6''-1"
   (A)-   (B)- (C)- (D)- (E)-(F)

Product designation: C671
Name: Japan GN-Import high-pressure oleinic acid resistance pipe Japan Tokyo-high pressure oil resistance pipe (3/16-A)
Product designation:
C671-B Japan GN-Import high pressure oleinic acid resistance pipe (for Nitrogen use)

Product designation: C672
Name: U.S.A double color tube (5/16)

Product designation: C673
Name: Japan Tokyo tripple color tube
Specs: 600L, 700L , 880L, 1200L, 1500L, 2000L; Length can be ordered

Product designation: C675
Name: Transparant fabric reinforced rubber tube

Product designation: C676
Name: CO2 rubber tube

Product designation: C677
Name: Teflon tube (galvanized steel wire)
Specs:2'', 3''-A, 4''-B

Product designation: C678
Name: Liquid galvanized high pressure steel coil tube
Specs:4'', 6''-A, 1-B

Product designation: C678-C
Name: Galvanized steel nut (4'') of coil tube

Product designation: C678-D
Name: Galvanized steel Ferrule of coil tube

Product designation: C679
Name: Clamp ring of rubber tube

Product designation: C680
Name: Seadis galvanized steel clamp ring
Specs: 3/16
       5/16 x A
          3/8 x B
          5/16 x C

Product designation: C681
Name: Copper jacket

Product designation: C682
Name: Tying string belt, Pearl string belt (A)

Product designation: C683
Name: Ferrule(3/16)

Product designation: C685
Name: Ferrule(1/4)

Product designation: C686
Name: Ferrule(5/16)

Product designation: C687
Name: Ferrule(3/8)

Product designation: C688
Name: Pipe connect (3/16)

Product designation: C689
Name: Pipe connect (1/4)

Product designation: C690
Name: Pipe connect (5/16)

Product designation: C691
Name: Pipe connect (3/8)

Product designation: C692
Name: Pipe connect (1/2)

Product designation: C693
Name: Mould holder for fixing rubber tubes
Specs: Applicable to single color, double color and tripple color tubes

Japan (Tokyo, Tohoku) rubber tubes-Galvanized steel wire pipe -Liquid galvanized steel coil tube Ferrule-Pipe connect-High pressure oleinic acid resistance double color tube

Product designation: C694
Name: GN-high pressure oil, heat, frost, alkali, acid resistance double-color tubes
Specs: 3/16
Note:                                                                                                                                                The first combination is green+orange, operation pressure: 35kg-497PSI+A grade (product of out company)

The second combination is yellow+red, operation pressure: 21kg-298PSI+Second grade
The third combination is yellow+orange, operation pressure: 21kg-298PS+lower grade


Insurance policy of Guotai Century Property Insurance Co., ltd.

Japan Tokyo-Chiyoda-Koike-Taiwan-Dry-type explosion device, FU-fast cut-off explosion prevention joint

Product designation: C695
Name: Japan Tokyo dry-type explosion prevention device
Specs: (OX-A)(AC-B)(LPG-C)

Product designation: C696
Name: Made in Taiwan dry-type explosion prevention device

Product designation: C697
Name: Seadis dry-type explosion prevention device(OX-A)(AC-B)

Product designation: C698
Name: Japan CH dry-type explosion prevention device

Product designation: C699
Name: Japan CH pipe dry-type explosion prevention device
Specs: Adaptors and outlets can be 4''PT female(AC-LPG-H2)

Product designation: C700
Name: Argon safety device

Product designation: C701
Name: Dry-type explosion prevention device for cutting use

Product designation: C702
Name: Rubber extended fast cut-off explosion-prevention joint (B-B, F-F)

Figure of products C703 and C705

Product designation: C703-A-H
Name: fast cut-off explosion-prevention joint (for cutting use)

Product designation: C705-A-H
Name: fast cut-off explosion-prevention joint (for guages)

Product designation: C703
Name: fast cut-off explosion-prevention joint(for cutting use)

Product designation: C705
Name: fast cut-off explosion-prevention joint(for guages)

Usage:                                                                                                                                                    Applicable to explosion prevention of fuel gases for melting, cutting and heating (such as acetylene, ethylene, LPG, argon, oxygen...). Equiping such devices at the regulators and pipe outlets applied in traditional steel workshop can effectivly avoid the gas explosion caused by counter flow, backfire and flash explosion of fuel gases, so as to ensure the safety of operators.
(The product has been insured by Guotai Century Property Insurance Co., ltd., with the insurance amount 20 million)

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   Our products have been insured by Guo Tai Century Property Insurance Co., Ltd, which is the first and only case across the country, the insurance  in terms of contingent liability has reached 20 million, please rest assured for their application.

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