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Thermoweld Apparatus
Heating Device
Cutting Machine & Economizer
Qxygen Gauge & Regulator
Japan Large, Medium-Sized Pipe Meters
Various Medical Oxygen Gauges
Aluminum, Steel Oxygen Cylinder
CO2 Gauge for Beer and Weeds
CO2Heating Ammeter
Galvanized Stainless Steel Regulator
Small Regulator
Rubber Tube (Double Color Tube)
Assembling Appliances
Capacity Meter & Manometer
Breaking and Replacing Valves & Tee Valves
Connection Tubes of Steel Cylinder, Steem Appliances
Copper Bolts and Nuts
Steel, Aluminum Cylinder(O2-AC)
Caps of the Cylinders
Copper Joints
Melting and Cutting Tools, Trolleys
Automatic Cutting Machine, Pipe Cutting Pant
Graphite Handles, Electric Welding Machine
Electro-ion Cutting Machine
Electrode Barrels and Boxes
Introduction of products-Electrode barrels and boxes


Kansai electrode drying barrel-box-shape electrode drying device

Product designation: T986
Name:  10kg electrode barrel(100V-adjustabel)
Product designation:
Function description

Product designation: T987
Name: Box-shape electrode drying device
Specs: As below
Function description

Product designation: T988
Name: Welding flux drying device
Specs: As below
Function description

Electrode barrels-Sales of spare parts

Product designation: T989
Name: Indicator of electrode barrels(green->red)

Product designation: T989-A
Name: Temperature regulator

Product designation: T989-B
Name: Thermo-sensitive rod

Product designation: T989-C
Name: Temperature regulating button

Product designation: T989-D
Name: Calibrated dail

Product designation: T989-E
Name: Power line

Product designation: T989-F
Name: Electric heating tube of electrode barrels (can be used for
           temperature regulation)

Fuji air compressor-rubber tubes of air compressor-quick joint-air gun-copper joints and other parts of products

Product designation: T990
Name: Air compressor

Product designation: T990-A
Name: Air gun

Product designation: T990-B
Name: Air compressor(10 yard, imported products)

Product designation: T990-C
Name: Air/pneumatic joints

Product designation: T990-D
Name: Expansion tube

Jia Na portable exhausting & pumping ventilator-expansion canvas bags

Product designation: T991
Name: 200 exhausting and pumping ventilator

Product designation: T991-A
Name: 300 exhausting and pumping ventilator

             Product designation: T991-B
Name: Expansion canvas belt(8")
                (length: 5m)   (length: 10m-C)

             Product designation:
Name: Expansion canvas belt(12")
                (length: 5m)   (length: 10m-E)

Machine tools for speical processing of steel structures-installation tools

Product illustration

KS-F2 steel cylinder descaling machine-In-hole electric grinder-Japan Kansai imported electric grinding lathe-Gear-type jack

Product designation: T992
Name: KS-F2 steel cylinder-steel racks descaling machine

Product designation: T993
Name: Japan Kansai in-hole electric grinder

Product designation: T994
Name: Japan Kansai imported electric grinding lathe

Product designation: T995
Name: Japan Kansai imported vibrating hammer(41Y)

Product designation: T995-A
Name: Japan Kansai imported vibrating hammer(41Y)

Product designation: T996
Name: High lift jack

Product designation: T996-A
Name: Low lift jack

Product designation: T996-B
Name: Mid-lift jack

Product designation: T996-C
Name: Movable desk type jack

Air/gas muffler and filter mesh

Product illustration 1  Product illustration 2

Japan Kansai-pneumatic in-hole chamfering machine for round pipes

Product designation: T997
Name: Japan Kansai-pneumatic in-hole chamfering machine

Product designation: T998
Name: Thermometer

Product designation: T999
Name: Japan Kansai chamfering machine

Product designation: T1000
Name: Japan imported FA-50 drilling machine
       Japan imported FA-35 drilling machine(A)

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