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Categories of products
Thermoweld Apparatus
Heating Device
Cutting Machine & Economizer
Qxygen Gauge & Regulator
Japan Large, Medium-Sized Pipe Meters
Various Medical Oxygen Gauges
Aluminum, Steel Oxygen Cylinder
CO2 Gauge for Beer and Weeds
CO2Heating Ammeter
Galvanized Stainless Steel Regulator
Small Regulator
Rubber Tube (Double Color Tube)
Assembling Appliances
Capacity Meter & Manometer
Breaking and Replacing Valves & Tee Valves
Connection Tubes of Steel Cylinder, Steem Appliances
Copper Bolts and Nuts
Steel, Aluminum Cylinder(O2-AC)
Caps of the Cylinders
Copper Joints
Melting and Cutting Tools, Trolleys
Automatic Cutting Machine, Pipe Cutting Pant
Graphite Handles, Electric Welding Machine
Electro-ion Cutting Machine
Electrode Barrels and Boxes
 Introduction of products

The products of our company are divided into 26 categories, please click the name of the product and check the detailed instructions.

Thermoweld machine

Heating device

Cutting machine, Economizer and Explosion prevention cutting appliances

Oxygen guage-Acetylene guage, Fittings, LPG-H2-N20-He regulators

Japan (KS-140)-SR-290 Large-Medium-sized pipe  meter

Medical O2 guage--Ventilator set with aluminum cylinders--Wall-mounted flowneters in the central system

Oxygen-Air-Steel, Aluminum cylinders combination, Operation manuel, Insurance book

CO2 guage for weeds and beer, Weeds, Paintball, Aluminum & Steel cylinders

CO2 heating ammeter, Flowmeter, Argon guage, CO-N2-He-N20 regulators

Galvanized stainless steel regulators

Small regulators, Flow control valve with single meter, Balloon meter

Rubber tubes (double color tubes), Teflon, Ferrule, Explosion prevention device

Assembling appliance, Pipe fittings, Warmer, Water type explosion-proof device


Capacity meter, Manometer

Breaking and replacing valves, Tee valves, Cylinder shelves, Manometer inside the cylinder, Gas filling device

Connection tubes of steel cylinders, Steam devices, Fish ventilator, Connector for three steel cylinders, Y-type valves, Cylinder opener

Copper bolts and nuts, Insurance book, Import certificates

Steel, Aluminum cylinders (For O2-AC), Caps of cylinders, Bakelite, Acetylene cylinders, Cylinders for pipe cleanning device

Cylinders heads

Copper joints

Melting/Cutting tools, Trolleys

Automatic cutting machine, Pipe cutting machine, Fittings

Graphite handles, DC/AC welding machine, Welding electrode holder, Leather gloves

Electro-ion cutting machine, Argon Arc welding machine, CO2 electric welding machine, Consumables

Eletrode barrels and boxes, Exhausting and pumping ventilator, Hole-bored drills, Electric bolts, Muffler, Filter mesh, Chamfering machine, Steel wire sleeves

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