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Introduction of products-Steel, aluminum cylinders (O2-AC)

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No. 32-No. 35-1m-0.75m-0.5m acetylene steel cylinder, 0.5m-0.75m methane gas steel cylinder

Product designation: E521-Q
Name:  No. 32 acetylene cylinder, No. 35 acetylene cylinder(A)

Product designation: E522
Name: 1m acetylene steel cylinder
Specs: Diameter: 14cm, Height: 57cm, gas included(D)

Product designation: E523
Name: 0.75m acetylene steel cylinder
Specs: Diameter: 14cm, Height: 43cm, gas included(D)

Product designation: E525
Name: 0.5m acetylene steel cylinder
Specs: Diameter: 14cm, Height: 34cm, gas included(D)

Product designation: E526
Name: 0.5m methane gas steel cylinder
Specs: Diameter: 14cm, Height: 36cm, gas included(D)

Product designation: E527
Name: 0.75m methane gas steel cylinder
Specs: Diameter: 14cm, Height: 42cm, gas included(D)

     ※Note: all of the above steel cylinders are  manufactured by the steel mould developed by our company, without any joints, different from the thermowelding cylinders on the market

German-Steel stamp for figures-Steel stamp for English letters-Portable numbering board for steel cylinders-Ordering and pre-fabrication of steel stamps for gas cylinders

Product designation: E528
Name: Steel stamp for figures
Specs: 3''; 4''(A)

Product designation: E529
Name: Steel stamp for English letters
Specs: 3''; 4''(A)

Product designation: E530
Name: Portable numbering board for cylinders
Specs: There is also portable English board for steel cylinders(A)

Product designation: E531
Name: Brand steel stamps for aeration factories
Specs: Used by hydaulic-pressure testing station

Product designation: E532
Name: Fast binding paste
Specs: Applicable to screws and nuts for high-pressure gases

Product designation: E533
Name: Grinding machine
Specs: Grinding of gas cylinders; 4"-5"-7"

Product designation: E535
Name: Japan wire-twisted brush wheel
Specs: Applicable to clean the surface paint on cylinders

Product designation: E536
Name: Plane grinding wheel
Specs: Grinding of words on cylinders

Product designation: E537
Name: Spray-paint

Product designation: E537-A
Name: Paint-remover for steel cylinders

Steel cylinders of fire-extinguisher-Cylinders of pipe cleaning device-Aluminum alloy cylinders-Flare tube of fire-distinguisher

Product designation: E538
Name: CO2 cylinder+flare tube
Specs: 0.5m-0.75m(A); 1m(B); gas included(D)

Product designation: E539
Name: CO2 cylinder+flare tube
Specs: 1.5

Product designation: E550
Name: CO2 aluminum alloy cylinder
Specs: 1m-1.25m(A); 1.5m(B); 2m(C); gas included(D)

Product designation: E551
Name: 15-pound flare tube

Product designation: E552
Name: 10-pound flare tube

Product designation: E553
Name: 5-pound flare tube

Product designation: E553-A
Name: 90 degree nut&bolt

Product designation: E555
Name: Aluminum suction&insertion tube

Product designation: E556
Name: Copper suction&insertion tube

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