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Gas filling device-Tee valves of shifting aeration device-Shifting aeration device-Nuts+Gas intake Ferrule-Cylinder bracket-Aeration guage

Product designation: D883
Name: Gas filling device (also called big-small gas filling device)
Specs: Converying pipe is made of galvanized steel wire, applicable to O2-N2-Ar-H2...
Attached by copper bolts:                                                                            
23 male x 21 female,BB pellet(D)
23 male x 3''NPT male(E)
22 female x 21female(F)
22 female x 3'' female(G)
24.2 male x 22 female(H)

Product designation: D885
Name: Cylinder bracket, including 7/16 x 20 thread axis (9/16 x 18 thread-A)
               (16 x 1.5RH-B)

Product designation: D886
Name: Luotian gas inflation guage

Product designation: D886-A
Name: Gas control Tee valve

Product designation: D887
Name: Male gas inflation guage

Product designation: D887-A
Name: 22.6 x 14 thread bolt

Product designation: D888
Name: All purpose thread (22.6 female x 2'' long axis)
Specs: Can be used as joint of Nitrogen cylinder

Product designation: D888-A
Name: O-ring

Product designation: D889
Name: All-purpose thread (22nut x 2'' short axis)
Specs: Can be used as joint of small Nitrogen cylinder

Product designation: D890
Name: 22nut+long axis+gasket
Specs: Nut + 9/16 x 18UNF + gasket(A)

Product designation: D891
Name: 22.6 male movable screw
Specs: Can be connected to guages or double color tubes

Product designation: D892
Name: 22 x 14thread x 3''PS Ferrule
     21 x 14thread x 3''Ferrule(A)

Product designation: D893
Name: 22nut x M16-1.5thread, inner inclination
Specs: Rubber tube nut can be locked by the thread

Backstop device (for pipes) and internal fittings-Gas inflation guage on steel cylinder bracket-Gas filling device

Product designation: D895
Name: Gas control pipe connecting with backstop device (entering from the right and exiting from the left)
Specs:  The product is applied at the end part of tee valves, residual pressure is reserved in the pipe-be able to replace empty cylinder at any time-ensure the continuous gas supply

Product designation: D895-A
Name: Valve of backstop device

Product designation: D895-B
Name: Connecting copper bolt (M11-1.0thread)

Product designation: D895-C
Name: Connecting copper bolt (7/16-20thread)

Product designation: D895-D
Name: Spring of backstop device

Product designation: D895-E
Name: PU gasket

Product designation: D895-F
Name: Gas control pipe connecting with backstop device (applicable to female cylinder caps, entering from the right and exiting from the left)

Product designation: D896
Name: Gas control pipe connecting with backstop device (entering from the left and exiting from the right)

Product designation: D897
Name: Male backstop device (O2)(Air-A)
Specs: Applicable to medical pipes and breathing machine (American standard 1''NPT)

Product designation: D898
Name: Gas inflation guage on the cylinder bracket

Product designation: D899
Name: Steel cylinder bracket with W22 x 14 thread axis

Product designation: D900
Name: 250kg pressure guage+tee joint+

Product designation: D901
Name: Male gas filling device (without guages)
Specs: Can be double female (A); Length can be custom-made

Product designation: D902
Name: European standard gas filling device
Specs: Can be pre-fabricated as required by the client

Product designation: D903
Name: Gas pipe for dual-cylinder bracket   Gas pipe for dual-cylinder bracket+capacity meter(A)

Product designation: D905
Name: Round gas control ferrule(3''PS)  Gas
control ferrule with gasket(A)

Product designation: D906
Name: 12 vs 1 gas filling device

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