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Introduction of products-Medical O2 guages

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Japan Koike-KS-O2-Medical regulator-Flowmete-Mask of humidifying container-Nasal tube-Fittings-Part of products

Product designation: B367
Name: Piston-type shoulder medical instrument+Chrismas tree stand
Note: Applicable to marching, hill-climbing, asthma, anemia, cardiac disease, dyspnea, usage after sports; can be used in many occasions, and can be ever prepared in schools, companies, offices and clinics

Product designation:B368
Name: Conventional medical instrument+water cup+nasal tube
Specs: Pressure adjustable -American standarad-Japan standard (A)
Note: there's also medical instrument+water cup(A); medical instrument+nasal tube(B); Applicable to the use of aerosol

Product designation:B369
Name: Japan standard recycled humidifying container
Note:Insertion pipe rotary thread

Product designation:B369-A
Name: Japan standard female socket of O2 central system

Product designation:B369-B
Name: American standard hollow circle (negative pressure); Female socket for central system

Product designation:B369-C
Name: Negative pressure gauge

Product designation:B370
Name: American standard recycled humidifying container
Note: Butterfly nut-Locked thread

Product designation:B371
Name: Disposable humidifying container

Product designation:B372
Name: Potable oxygen cylinder (9000cc)

Product designation:B373
Name: Spraying cylinder

Product designation:B363-A
Name: American standard O2 socket

Product designation:B363-B
Name: American standard Air socket

Product designation:B363-C
Name: American standard vacuum female socket

Product designation:B363-D
Name: Japan standard O2 socket(180°)

Product designation:B363-E
Name: Japan standard vacuum female socket(90°)

Product designation:B363-F
Name: Japan standard Air female socket(120°)

Product designation:B375
Name: Mandatory breathing machine-regulation instruments
Specs: Intake tube nuts can be pre-fabricated

Product designation:B376
Name: O2 flowmeter (for medical use)
Specs: Intake tube nuts can be pre-fabricated; Adaptor can be fitted with oxygen cylinder bracket(A)                                                                  W21x14RH、W22x14RH、W23x14RH

Product designation:B377
Name: Mask for adults (breathing)

Product designation:B378
Name: Mask for children (breathing)

Product designation:B379
Name: Two-meter nasal tube (breathing)

Product designation:B380
Name: 6-meter nasal tube (breathing)

Product designation:B381
Name: Spraying coil hose
Specs: Length is adjustable

Product designation:B381-A

Product designation:B381-B
Name: Y-type  air dual outlet

Product designation:B381-C
Name: Y-type  air dual outlet

Product designation:B381-D
Name: Ceiling outlet

Product designation: B381-E
Name: High-pressure tube

Fuji--O2-N2O-Air-N2-Regulators-Control valves

Product designation: B382
Specs: CGA-870 Cylinder bracket (inlet); Outlet M10x1.0RH; 9/16x18UNF Outlet (Amercian standard-A);Applicable gases are O2-N2O...
, can be prefabricated as required

Product designation: B383
Name: Regulator+flow control valve
Specs: Applicable gases are O2-N2-He-Ar-Air-N2O...; OD head(1'' 2'');9/16/x18UNF-7/16x20RH outlet; Chrismas tree stand can be fitted; First pressure 0-250kg; First pressure 0-100kg; Second pressure 50psi

Product designation: B385
Name: Medical regulator(O2-N2O-He)
Specs: Adaptor: -CGA-326; Adaptor:-W22x14RH; Outlet: 1/4Ferrule and M12-1.0RH male; OD head(1'' 2'')

Product designation: B386
Name: Double-dail regulator (combined with flow control valve) (N2-Ar-He-N2O)
Specs: Outlet can be fitted with Ferrule; 3/16-1/4-5/16 connection tubes; 7/16x20RH male; OD head (1' '2'');  can be used as laboratory guages

Product designation: B387
Name: Medical regulators (N2O-O2-He) (applicable gases are O2-N2O-He...)
Specs: Adaptors can be (CGA-326)(W22-14RH); Outlets can be 9/16x18UNF male;  M16-1.5RH male (A); 1'' NPT male (B)(applicable gases are O2-N2O-He...); Second pressure: 0~50psi

Product designation: B388
Name: Medical regulator
Specs: Adaptors can be W22-14RH、W21-14RH、W23-14RH Applicable gase: O2-N2O-He...                                                                       Outlet: Japan standard female quick socket

Product designation: B389
Name: Single-dail flow control valve+Chrismas tree stand(short-type)
Specs:  Oulet can be American stadard 9/16x18UNF, Japan standard M10x1.0RH Ferrule (A)

Product designation: B390
Name: Light N2O regulator
Specs:  Outlet can be connected with 6x4PU tube, 1'' OD head-2''ODhead, can also be fabricated as 9/16X18UNF

Product designation: B391
Name: Medical single-dail flow control valve+Chrismas tree stand (long type)
Specs: Outlet can be connected to humidifying container, can be American standard- Japan standard (A)

Product designation: B392
Name: Double-dail medical instrument+Chrismas tree stand
Specs: American standard 9/16X18UNF; Japan standard M12x1.0RH insertion tube(A)

Product designation: B393
Name: Double-dail extended medical instrument +water cup
Specs: Capacity: 6 cubic meter, the water cup cannot contact the body of the cylinder
Outlet: Attached Chrismas tree stand and humidifying container (A)

Product designation: B395
Name: Medical oxygen cylinder bracket
Specs: Applicable to oxygen-CO2-NO2
              N2-Air-He   Gas mixture and so on

Product designation: B395-A
Name: Intake screw for guages
Specs: M16-1.5RH、W16-18RH、16-20RH、W13-19RH

Product designation: B395-B
Name: Pipe regulator for central system
Pressure indicators: for your selection
Specs: Adaptors and outlets can be selected as needed

Product designation: B395-C
Name: Square tube, flowmeter of medical instrument
Specs: Firm glass tube; American standard, Japan standard(A)

Product designation: B395-D
Name: Male medical instrument+Humidifying container+Nasal to (Japan standard)(American standard-A)

Product designation: B395-E
Name: Male double-dail medical instrument

Product designation: B395-F
Name: Female extended medical double-dail instrument

Product designation: B395-G
Name: Double-dail medical instrument+humidifying container+nasal tube

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