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Introduction of products-Oxygen guages, regulators

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Fuji-Regulators-Methane gas guages-Calibrators-Fittings of acetylene gauges used on ships-Parts

Product designation: B205
Name: Fuji single-dial methane gas guage
Specs: Adaptors: CGA-510 (can be pre-fabricated)
Outlets: Japan standard threaded M16-1.5; American standard  UNF threaded 9/16-18

Product designation: B206
Name: Fuji double-dial methane gas guage
Specs: Adaptors: CGA-510 (can be pre-fabricated)
Outlets: Japan standard threaded M16-1.5 (left); American standard UNF  threaded 9/16-18 (right)

Product designation: B206-A
Name: Core pressure regulator

Product designation: B206-B
Name: Copper guage caps (Aluminum-A)

Product designation: B206-C
Name: Copper main part of the guage

Product designation: B206-D
Name: Compression gasket

Product designation: B206-E
Name: Compression spring

Product designation: B206-F
Name: Rubber ring gasket inside the guage caps

Product designation: B206-G
Name: Intake bolted tubes group

Product designation: B206-H
Name: Left threaded bolt

Product designation: B206-I
Name: Main intake tube + O-ring gasket

Product designation: B206-J
Name: 2x25kg Capacity meter

Product designation: B206-K
Name: 2x3kg Manometer

Product designation: B206-L
Name: Methane gas intake srew

Product designation: B206-M
Name: Green protection casing

Product designation:B206-N
Name: Red protection casing

Product designation: B206-O
Name: Grey protection casing

Product designation: B206-P
Name: Leakage-proof ring for intake lever

Product designation: B207
Name: Fuji bolted acetylene guage
Specs: Adaptors: RH threaded W26.2-14
Outlets: Japan standard threaded M16-1.5 (left); American standard UNF threaded 9/16-18 (right)
Note: Can be pre-fabricated as required by the client.

Fuji-GN-Regulators-oxygen-acetylene-hydrogen-gas mixture full copper guages-Parts, Fittings

Product designation: B208
Name: GN-Full copper oxygen gauge
Specs: Electrogliding color+Protection casing+PU head
Note: PU leakage-proof apparatus is indicated by the arrow marks

Product designation: B208-A
Name: GN-full copper male regulator
Specs: Electrogliding color+Protection casing; applicable to various gases

Product designation: B209
Name: GN-full copper acetylene gauge
Specs: Electrogliding color+Protection casing

Product designation:B209-A
Name: GN-full copper hydrogen gauge
Specs: Electrogliding color+Protection casing+flow control valve Be used for aeration of balloon, laboratories, and the outlet can be  OD head

Product designation:B209-B
Name: GN-full copper left male hydrogen guage
Specs:CGA-510 (2X14LH inlet) (outlet can be 3/16 Ferrule-2''OD head-1''ODhead)

Product designation:B209-C
Name: GN-full copper hydrogen guage (second pressure:0-10kg)
Specs: Adaptors can be W21-14RH、W22-14RH、W24.2-14R Outlets can be M16-1.5RH、W7/16-20RH、2''OD tube、 3/16

Product designation: B209-D
Name: GN-full copper regulator
Specs: Second pressure 0-3kg (CO2 , in laboratory) The outlet joints can be selected as needed

Fuji-GN-Regulators-Parts and fittings

Product designation: B310
Name: Female regulator
Specis: The adaptors can be selected as needed
W22X14RH、W21X14RH、W24.2X14RH、W26.2X14RH;Applicable to O2-CO-He-N2O-N2

Product designation:B310-A
Name: Core pressure regulator

Product designation:B310-B
Name: Aluminum, copper upper caps for guages (A)

Product designation:B310-C
Name: Copper main part of guages

Product designation:B310-D

Product designation:B310-E
Name: Intake main tube

Product designation:B310-F
Name: Filter mesh, 8mm

Product designation:B310-G
Name:2X250kg Capacity meter

Product designation:B310-H

Product designation:B310-I
Name: Compression gasket

Product designation:B310-J
Name: Spring inside the top cap

Product designation:B310-K
Name: Rubber ring gasket inside the guage caps

Product designation:B310-L
Name: Black metal

Product designation:B310-M
Name: Internal spring

Product designation:B310-N
Name: Piston cover

Product designation:B310-O
Name: Safety valve group (T1-T2-T3)

Product designation:B310-P
Name: Rubber tube bolt

Product designation:B310-Q
Name: Round intake main tube (75L)

Product designation:B310-R
Name: Round intake main tube (electrodliding color)

Product designation:B310-S
Name: Horizontal intake main tube+gasket

Product designation:B310-T
Name:2X250kg Capacity meter (Attached by protection casing)

Product designation:B310-U
Name:2X25kg manometer (Attached by protection casing)

Product designation:B310-V
Name: Protection casing (green-A, Red-B)

Product designation:B310-W
Name: Rubber ring gasket inside the upper guage cap (porose)

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